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Sustainable Luxury in Ibiza

The luxury sector is gradually undergoing a new tendency toward sustainability.

Although it may seem like a contradiction in terms of status and connotation, in the past few years, several sectors in the luxury field are revamping their offer in order to adapt to their clients’ growing demand for sustainability. 

Whether one is talking about clothes, handbags, accessories, cars or yachts, the luxury industry always pays special attention to the needs expressed by an informed and aware public.

Because today customers seek not only the exclusivity and prestige conferred by well-known brands, they also do research and make choices according to ethical principles, especially in regard to other human beings and the environment.  

In this day and age, luxury understood solely as “ostentation” is an antiquated luxury, incompatible with the widespread desire for eco-sustainability. The fundaments underlying consumer preferences have veered toward a deeper awareness.

This, in turn, has prompted luxury manufacturers to respond to these new priorities in keeping with a revised set of values. 

For years now, Dipesa Group has been attuned to new market tendencies and has recently upgraded its fleet with the addition of 0-emmissions models like the elegant “Tesla Model S” – 100% electric, safe, reliable and friendly to the environment, as for the “T Navigo” Euro6 bus.

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