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Discretionary Transportation for Getting Around Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the most popular Mediterranean stops on many cruise lines.

Starting in the spring, its harbor fills up with floating luxury hotels holding thousands of passengers, most of them eager to disembark and discover the beauty of the island, even if only for a few hours.

The time these visitors spend on the island is generally very short and they must often choose between a “do it yourself” excursion or a “one size fits all” tour organized by the cruise company.

Indeed, managing to fit a lot of Ibiza into a little time can be daunting if one is not familiar with the terrain. So many beautiful landscapes and seascapes beckon.

DipesaGroup’s transportation service, complete with private drivers, is designed to allow visitors to reap the maximum enjoyment from their stay on the island, no matter how brief.

We supply professional drivers who know the island well and can guide clients to their preferred experience, whether it be a major beach, a hidden cove, a country restaurant or an exclusive club.

It is also possible to organize day trips for groups both large and small. Alternately, some people prefer to spend the day quietly with family or a loved one. All options are feasible with DipesaGroup’s punctual discretionary service.

DipesaGroup’s fleet is comprised of vehicles with a wide range of carrying capacities, for which reason, we can efficiently fulfill the needs and demands of any given circumstance in a customized way.

Opting to spend a day of leisure, accompanied by a private chauffeur who will be driving a luxury car (Luxive), is the best way to remember the magic of the "White Island", whose fashionable restaurants and famous clubs are just a car ride away.



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