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How much is a luxury car with chauffeur in Ibiza?

What is 'the value' of getting around the island in total freedom and with the top comfort?

When travelling in a paradise like Ibiza, either for pleasure or for business, you just want to enjoy the transfers and the scenery without the worries caused by traffic, prohibitions, parkings.

Letting yourself be guided around the island by a professional, trusted driver, on a luxury vehicle, it's a choice that can change your experience of the place.

How to have a car, without the hassle of having to drive?

It is necessary to start with a premise: when you choose a private transfer, and you want the best experience, you should be aware of the differences that exist between service and service, in order to know what you're buying.  

Taxis and rental apps online, sometimes offer a good service. Sometimes, right, because there are no guarantees.

The level of cab drivers and their vehicles, in Ibiza is certainly good and we would like to reassure regarding honesty and fairness in behaviour, but nothing can really defend you from inconveniences.
Plus, you have to consider the queues and waste of time, especially during peak season. And time is money, isnt' it?

Some apps now available on internet, help you find a vehicle or 'a ride' for a cheap price, and offer effective help to those who want to spend less, but can you compare this kind of service to that of a reputable company that personally guarantees the level of cars and choffer, evaluated and monitored constantly to ensure the clients always the highest level?

It's a matter of priorities and what you really want: if you are looking for the highest quality, you have to pick a true VIP service, such as the one offered by our transfers LUXIVE.

Moreover when we talk about prices and what is really 'cost-efficient', you need to consider what you get for what you pay.

In assessing the value for money, you can't ignore the level of the car you will be travelling with, and in this regard LUXIVE fleet is second to none, with the best vehicles available on the market: the latest Mercedes models (clase E, S, V, ML and Sprinter Luxe), Range Rover Vogue, Tesla Model S, the fantastic Rover Saloon.

Quality has a value that necessarily affects the price somehow.

Paying a little more though, you will get the ultimate comfort and personalized treatment, with the freedom to change the itinerary any time, and submit any request and desire to our drivers, who are always willing to please you.

Ultimately, there are some factors that can affect positively the economic conditions of our service:

  • you can rent our car and driver 'per hour' (and considering the hourly rate for a taxi, our price will certainly be competitive)

  • being able to share the service and the expenses, with few fellow travelers, depending on the vehicle chosen, will make the cost even more reasonable

  • obviously, the longer the rental period, the lower the expense, in proportion

Once cleared up the differences between a regular transfer and a LUXIVE transfer, with the benefits included in the cost of our service, there is only question left: are you willing to pay in order to get a truly luxurious service?

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